We have realised that the world is corrupted. And we would like something different for our descendants. So, we decided this was the right time for the change.

Our only will is to led the mankind to a higher level, to our next evolution. An evolution based on the mind. We look forward to getting wiser, to improving our knowledge about the world and the reality.

We know that the time is nearly infinite. We know that, unfortunately, every second that passes is a new possibility of the world ending. I'm sorry, it's just that simple. We have plenty of time to get the world to its end. And, in this moment, we have nearly zero probability of surviving.

And we would like a surviving society, spreading their ideas through the universe.

So, we, the Neuron Movement, demand the end of this suicidal society, and the born of a Rational Society, based on the power of the wisdom, on the objectives of the philosophy, and the means of the science. We demand the eradication of the feelings, of the magical thinking, of the religion and the art, as forms of an obsolete thinking, as a nonsensical and useless waste of time.

We demand the evolution of the human race, towards a society were we can develop ourselves in a healthy scientific environment.

Welcome to the truth, welcome to Neuron Movement.

"Wisdom, Evolution and Life"